KnoopyKnots family pic

Knoopyknots are a special product. Hand made, one-by-one, a Knoopyknot is just as stylish and unique as your little loved one. Parent's love the ease of slipping on the soft fabric and kids love the stretchy, comfortable fit. Our materials are hand picked for quality, texture and style. Once you and your little one try a KnoopyKnot on for size it will become your go-to baby headwear. 

Owner, founder and mama designer, Dauanie Hansen, created her first KnoopyKnot in 2017 following the birth of her daughter, Lilian. She loved the versatility and convenience of the KnoopyKnot style, and wanted to share her unique take on the head wrap by making them lighter, more durable and with higher quality materials. Positive response to her endeavors has made KnoopyKnots what it is today. The passion lives on in each KnoopyKnot so come and be a part of our adventure! 

Our KnoopyKnots are truly handmade in Mesa, Arizona. 

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